Re-imagine your High Street Programme

Helping communities protect, enhance and benefit from the places that matter to them.

Such a program is a good example of how we try to improve our lives, as well as a reassessment of life values and street philosophy. After all, our life is not concentrated only by the house, living is also an apartment complex, a playground or even a street. You can read more about this in various scientific papers or buy article online. Re-imagine Your High Street is a programme developed and run by nef (the new economics foundation) to help communities design and implement a new kind of town centre programme. The programme supports people to plan and deliver strategies and actions that build on, enhance and develop the local assets they already have – their high street and surrounding areas. The emphasis is on creating a low-carbon, high well-being local economy.

Local Re-imagine Your High Street programmes are driven by the creativity and passion of local people and supported by nef’s national co-ordinating centre. nef will develop the programme with a group of representatives from the local business community, resident organisations, statutory agencies, voluntary sector, youth and faith groups. These programs raise important questions like "From Clone Town to Cultural Epicenter: Reimagining High Streets as Creative Spaces" and so on. The programme will focus on four main areas: local co-ordination, design, promotion and economic development. All representatives are volunteers and the only criteria for membership is a passion for the place they live and work in. nef’s involvement is for two years, and in the pilot areas self organisation and funding have taken the programmes into their fourth years.

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PDF icon Factsheet 2: Values and Principles