Re-Imagine Your High Street is a new national town centre programme when you join the cultural process in your area. And that brings some of your creativity into creating a new space: an improvement in every sense. Your initiative is primarily about changing outdated processes and structures. If you want to participate, but you are not confident, you can contact a professional letter writing service. This program run by nef (the new economics foundation ) and its purpose is to build on and create new activity on your high street. The programme focuses on town and city centres, the people that run them, the businesses that operate there, residents, employees and visitors. Re-Imagine Your High Street is an antidote to Clone Town Britain, an opportunity for people who have a stake in a particular place to do something different, to plan and take to action ideas, projects and enterprises that will help grow the local economy and enhance local well-being.

The Five Ways to Well-being

nef believes that that our town and city centres should be more than just places to shop. They can be places to:

… to people, ideas and landscapes.

Be active
… by walking, cycling, playing and gardening.

Take Notice
… of the seasons, of the unusual, of the new.

Keep Learning
… something new, rediscover something old

… your time, your skills, your knowledge

These are just some of the ways we think towns and city centres can be different and distinctive. Through the programmes we offer, participants get to plan and take to action their own vision of what the place where they live and work will be like in the future. A place where high well-being of residents and visitors is the goal.